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Passenger and Operator Safety is ESSENTIAL!

Passenger and operator safety is a top priority of the Claiborne County Human Resource Agency. To incorporate passenger and operator safety we are utilizing a multi-step method to increase safety. These steps include:

-Masks may be worn at the client's discretion.

-Each driver is equipped with a handheld thermometer and wall thermometers on each vehicle.

- Temperature checks are administered to each passenger before boarding the vehicle.

-Social distancing where feasible; buses/vans are not filled to usual capacity.

-Execution of regular cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

-Plexi Safe-Guard shields are installed to minimize contact between operators and passengers. 

-The buses are equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and sanitizer wipes.

-As a courtesy, we may provide a single-face mask to a client that may not have a mask on hand.


    How Often Do We Sanitize Our Fleet?

Our fleet is sanitized daily throughout the day by using the Electrostatic Sanitizer Sprayer. 

The sanitizer solution in the device produce vapors that makes sanitizing a touch free task, without staining the seats on the vehicles.

Our sanitizing schedules are as followed:

-At the start of the morning.

-After the route.

-At the end of the route.

-If a route ends after the office is closed, the drivers are to insert the key into a seperate dropbox and those vehicles will be sanitized at the start of the morning.

The drivers also follow routine cleaning practices before and after using the vehicles.


Tips to Stay Safe

Practice these methods to make safety apart your routine.

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